Ape50 Parasol ICE-CREAM

In our workshop we create the most beautiful ice mobil there is on the market.

What 's standard included in the box ? Ice Ape

All options down here. you really need to have a working icecream Piaggio
Isolated polyester ice container
Isolated polyester container specialy made for the Ape50Fly. in the container there is a rack for mounting 12x 5 liter ice buckets.
Foldable stainless steel lids
on top of the Isolated container we mount 4x foldable stainless steel lids (made in Italy)
Spoonwasher and fresh water tank
Watertank with electric pump and spoonwasher.
Reinforced springs
Stronger springs to hold the weight of the unit and it's components

Was gehört zur Grundausstattung?

The following options we can build in your Ape. In consultation we can measure what's possible and what's not.

Active Cooling

Air circulating Deep-Freeze Evaporator
in the isolated container we mount two Air circulating evaparators powered by two Waeco coldmachines with a capacity of 400L
Deep Cycle battery + 15Amp charger
In the front cabin we mount a 130Amp Deep cycle battery. we also mount a 15Amp 6-stage charger with sleep mode.

Roof carriers Ape50 Ice

To be chosen, if desired, one of the following options for the roof carriers.
Ape 50 roofcarrier
This roofcarrier will be mounted on top of the cabine roof, if you like we can also peint it in color.
Ape 50 roofcarrier, Wood
This carrier mounted on the cabinroof wil have wooden elements.
Shed on backunit

Appearance of the sales unit

Chrome lines and chrome mirrors
Color painting of the plastic front parts
For the more classic look we can spray paint all the plastic parts of the cabine in the color you prefer.
Ape 50 front bumper, silver, black of color of the unit

Motor adjustments

Powerpack 85 with reinforced clutch
85cc DR cylinder and piston which are specially developed for the Piaggio Ape, and Sports Exhaust Pinasco Gear. 16 Tooth Pinasco gear for a higher speed. Sito a sports exhaust system for more power. With this POWERPACK 85 speed is achieved of approximately a 45km p/h. Note: Staging allowed only on a circuit, so not for use on public roads. Factory warranty expires always.
102cc Powerpack
Same As powerpack 85cc only with a bigger cilinder for more torque.

Felge und Reife

White wall tires, set of 3
To give your ape the classic look.
Wheelcenter in color
Felge in Farbe

Farbe des Ape

The Ape is available in 9 standerd colors.If needed a complete refinishing of the vehicle in RAL or Metalic colour of your choice.
Bild von Copy of Ape50 Black
Bild von Copy of Ape50 White Silk
Bild von Copy of Ape50 Action Blue
Bild von Copy of Ape50 Red
Bild von Copy of Ape50 Orange
Bild von Copy of Ape50 Lemon Green
Bild von Copy of Ape50 Ice Blue
Bild von Copy of Ape50 Sand White
Bild von Copy of Ape50 Chassis + Cabin (in+outside) repainted in RAL Color