Indication de prix

Piaggio Ape's converted by us are most of the time our clients creation.

Prices do very because of all the options.

As an indication you can use this.


Ape50 (Moped License)

Ape50 Fly Basic starting from  € 9.800,- 

Ape50 Fly Coffee starting from € 11.485,-

Ape50 Fly Ice cream starting from € 12.995,-

Ape50 Fly BBQ starting from € 11.750,-

Ape50 Fly Snack starting from € 12.995,-

Ape50 Fly Vino starting from € 12.750,-


Ape50 Parasol starts from € 6.925,-

Ape50 Orginal starts from € 4.626,-


Ape Classic (Car drivers lincense)

Ape Classic Fly Basic starting from € 11.250,-

Ape Classic Fly Coffee starting from € 12.660,-

Ape Classic Fly Pizza starting from € 15.995,-

Ape Classic Walk-in version starting from € 23.995,-


Ape Classic Pick-up starting from € 5684,-


Prices are excluding VAT / Export

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